Mas Otomasyon

Asphalt Plant Automation System

The asphalt production machinery which have been automated were furnished with a state of the art, reliable and convenient SCADA sytem and designed in the way to control and monitor the plant over the computer.

The Advantages of the system can be listed as follows:

  • The defect and malfuction status of all equipments within the system can be tracked from the automation system on a real time basis and they can be intervened without losing time.
  • The automation system operates taking into consideration the requests of the final user scenario and it will be much more reliable and safe compared to systems with humans since it will control the field equipments with no faults.
  • The automation systems eliminate human faults and they can be kept under control with very few personnel.
  • In addition to the parameters of the system being monitored momentarily, it is also possible to Access to the past vallues. Also there is an opportunity of obtaining them as a report. Thus you may obtain information relating to the performance of the facility and allow the required actions to betaken.
  • The automation systems installed with the state of the art technology are convenient in terms of hardware and software. They can be extended and changed afterwards and they can be integrated with the other systems in terms of the automation system.


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